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PTCC Archive

17 June 2007

Dear Friends,

This message will be short but is VERY important.

The Plan for Pennsylvania’s Future, the school property tax elimination initiative supported by the PTCC, has been making headway in the state House of Representatives. However, there are some lawmakers who are hesitant to support this legislation because they are “not sure that this is what the people want”.

We’ve got to let them know!


A telephone and e-mail blitz has been organized for this week, June 18–22, to let our legislators know that this is the plan that we want enacted. Please call or e-mail your Representative during this week to let them know that you want this property tax elimination bill passed NOW! If you wish, you can have several voting-age members of your family contact your Representative individually. Even if you responded to the letter writing request in the last PTCC update, PLEASE contact your Representative again during this campaign.

As this is a campaign for your Representative’s support, please keep your contact respectful and non-threatening. This campaign has only three points:

Tell your Representative that the Plan for Pennsylvania’s Future is the solution you want to the school funding and homeownership crisis in Pennsylvania.

Encourage your Representative to contact their party’s leadership with their support of the Plan for Pennsylvania’s Future and to tell them that they want school property taxes eliminated NOW.

Forward this email to everyone you know who has any interest in seeing property taxes eliminated in Pennsylvania.

You can find your Representative’s contact information by Zip+4 here.

This initiative is vital to the progress of the Plan for Pennsylvania’s Future. PLEASE help to move this legislation forward during this campaign for the benefit of all Pennsylvania homeowners and schoolchildren.

The office of Representative Sam Rohrer, a prime sponsor of this legislation, will be sending a letter about Plan for Pennsylvania’s Future to his e-mail list on Monday. I have excerpted part of his letter below for your information.

Please contact me at with questions or comments.


David Baldinger

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Throughout the course of our efforts over the past few months, many of you have contacted me regarding an important Constitutional rights issue. For the last thirty or more years, Pennsylvanians have been victims of one of the most flagrant violations of their rights – the right to own property. I am contacted weekly by someone in this state who has lost or is very close to losing their home because they simply cannot afford to pay their property taxes. I can think of no clearer violation of our Constitutional right to “be secure in our persons and property” than our current school property tax system.

Over the past several years I, along with several committed House members, have created legislation that would eliminate all school property taxes while still fully funding education in Pennsylvania. Known as the Plan for Pennsylvania’s Future, this legislation now needs the people’s voice to make it a reality. Over the past months, significant progress has occurred in a bipartisan fashion within the House on this Plan. It is now ready to go and, with your help, can pass the House by the end of June.

In order to learn more about this plan and what it means for you as a taxpayer, I have attached information explaining the Plan for Pennsylvania’s Future. In addition, the state-wide grassroots organization, the Pennsylvania Coalition of Taxpayers Associations (PCTA), has created the personal Plan for Pennsylvania’s Future Tax Savings Calculator that should be very helpful in demonstrating what the Plan for Pennsylvania’s Future means for families across Pennsylvania. I would encourage you to visit their website at and use this calculator to determine the significant savings this plan would bring to your family. The PTCC website also provides the opportunity to join with others as they push for genuine school funding reform. I would strongly encourage you to sign up for their e-mail updates on grassroots action until the property tax crisis is solved and property rights are restored in Pennsylvania. Also, please feel free to forward this email along to anyone you know who wants property taxes eliminated in Pennsylvania.

As always, I appreciate knowing that there are other Pennsylvanians, like you, who are committed to the very ideas that have made our state and nation what we are today. Our heritage of freedom and liberty can only be preserved by being committed to these principles. When these principles are being ignored, we as a people need to take action to protect them. The time has come for us to band together and demand that our homeownership be restored.

Representative Sam Rohrer