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PTCC Update

08 July 2013


The General Assembly has adjourned for the summer without taking action on HB/SB 76, the Property Tax Independence Act. The legislation is currently in the Finance Committees of both the House and Senate.

We have made great strides in the Senate with SB 76. Thanks to the hard work of the four prime sponsors and others the legislation now has twenty-two co-sponsors. If all of the co-sponsors remain committed to the bill only four more are needed to pass the Property Tax Independence Act on the Senate side. The list of co-sponsors is available here. If your Senator is on the list, please take a few moments to contact him or her to thank them for their co-sponsorship. If they are not, please contact them to ask for their support of SB 76 but please be respectful and non-threatening. Contact information is available at the link in the left column of any PTCC webpage. It's also worth noting that the four SB 76 prime sponsors issued an Op-Ed piece about the legislation on July 8. Please take a few moments to read it here.

Although the Property Tax Independence Act has 68 co-sponsors in the House, the situation there is far different. Rep. Kerry Benninghoff, Majority Chairman of the House Finance Committee, is doing all in his power to discredit HB/SB 76 and is refusing to allow the bill from committee until it is passed by the Senate. This is totally ridiculous; there is no reason why the legislation cannot be acted upon concurrently with the Senate.

As citizen activists for the enactment of HB/SB 76, we will need to do everything possible to quiet the opponents and to make the General Assembly move the bill in September. Two major initiatives by grassroots activists are currently underway: The September Fill-A-Bus Tour II and Cast 76.

Fill-A-Bus Tour II is a new and improved version of last September’s event in the Capitol that attracted hundreds of taxpayer activists who visited lawmakers to demand action on property tax elimination. This year’s event is shaping up to be even bigger and more powerful than last year’s and we can use your participation. The details are available on the Fill-A-Bus Tour II website here.

CAST 76 has been developed by group of property tax elimination activists who are independent of the PTCC and PCTA and have spent a great deal of time formulating a strategy for pressing the General Assembly on HB/SB 76 from now through their return to session in September. Your help is vitally needed if this is to succeed. Please do all you can to volunteer if you’re able and please pass this along to your friends and family so that they, too, may help in this effort. Details and contact information for CAST 76 is in the message below.




Supporting cast members are needed now.

A group of concerned property tax elimination activists have developed a script.

“Eliminate School Taxes”

The legislators will be going to their home districts for summer break until late September. We are going to take this show on the road with a massive, statewide, grassroots campaign. We’re taking it to their home districts and offices.

We need a supporting cast to send letters and postcards, make phone calls, do 10-minute emails “coffee” breaks, and personal visits.

We will provide you with the script and all the information you will need. For maximum impact, we will let you know who to contact and when.

Choose the activities you feel most comfortable with as a volunteer, but please sign up to help.

Every letter, email, phone call or visit makes a difference to eliminate school property tax.

Contact Please include your name, email address, phone number, and preferred activity (letter writing, emailing, making phone calls or visiting the legislator)

That’s it for this Update. Please do all you can to help with the two initiatives outlined above and please forward the link to this page to everyone you know. To keep abreast of the latest information, please join the PTCC Facebook page where there is always a lively discussion and current news.

It is crucial to the both the taxpayers of Pennsylvania and the future of our Commonwealth’s economy that the Property Tax Independence Act is enacted without further delay. With your help we can get this done!

David Baldinger
PTCC Administrator


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