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NEW! What is your potential school property tax increase for 2017? The Act 1 index for your district is here.

August 18, 2016 Update. Betrayal, citizen warriors, growth of the effort, and good news. The latest PTCC Update is here.

A great piece from G. Terry Madonna and Michael Young. RIP: The School Property Tax! Click here.

Why Governor Wolf's property tax "relief" plan is a fraud. From CF: Wolf's Unfair Tax Shift. Click here.

We need property tax reform now! Speakers cheer on House, Senate bills 76. Click here.

Your home's equity is being stolen! How property taxes are reducing your home's value. Click here.

The brutality of tax eviction! A deputy sheriff speaks out. Click here.

The Real Faces of the Issue. Click here.

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Personal Property Tax Independence Act Tax Calculator
Excel calculator to see your tax savings under the provisions ofThe Property Tax Independence Act. Now includes calculations for Philadelphia property tax reduction!

The Property Tax Independence Act Petitions
Sign an individual petition to demonstrate your approval of the The Property Tax Independence Act or distribute a multi-signature petition to really gather support! Print extra copies for your friends, family, and neighbors so they can help, too! Download the petitions as PDF files here.

Why school property taxes need to be eliminated!
Two excellent essays on the fallacy of property taxes for education funding.


The PTCC Archive Index

An archive of previous e-mail posts to the PTCC distribution is listed below by date and content. Please explore them for more information on the issues and read comments and editorials from various Pennsylvania newspapers.

Please note that links to web pages in older posts my no longer work because the content may no longer be available.

15 Jun 2006 - The Legislature has screwed the taxpayers again!
20 Jun 2006 - Good press supporting our position.
22 Jun 2006 - More good newspaper coverage.
26 Jun 2006 - News, comments, and two polls.
05 Jul 2006 - More news and some action items on how you can help.
24 Jul 2006 - The coalition coalesces; more negatives surround HB 39/Act 1.
04 Aug 2006 - A new group for the coalition; radio talk; the new PTCC website.
21 Aug 2006 - More new PCTA Groups; PTCCWeb Updates; DBTA Wins a Battle
26 Aug 2006 - Action Item - Letter to support passage of the Plan For Pennsylvania's Future
13 Sep 2006 - Action Item - Petition for the Plan For Pennsylvania's Future
02 Oct 2006 - Action Item - Support the re-introduction of the Plan For Pennsylvania's Future
21 Oct 2006 - Pre-election update with Action Item; A new PCTA member; The PFPF calculator
10 Nov 2006 - Action Item #4 - Support for House leadership reform candidates
16 Nov 2006 - House Caucus election results; Video: Perzel in action; Action Item: Senate Caucus
21 Nov 2006 - Senate Caucus election results; GREAT Tony Phyrillas Column; The PTCC Promise
30 Jan 2007  - Act 1 Referendum update and ** ACTION ITEM **
19 Feb 2007 - Action Item - Write an Act 1 opposition letter to the Pottstown Mercury
01 Mar 2007 - PA school boards condemn Act 1; "Operation Tax Scam" 
14 Mar 2007 - Text of the PTCC Address to the Lehigh Valley Agricultural Summit
05 Apr 2007 - More school boards join the fray; LOTS of good publicity; the sales tax fraud
08 May 2007 - Primary election update; defeat the Act 1 Referendum; more school boards object
18 May 2007 - Act 1 referendum defeated; a new ** ACTION ITEM **
08 Jun 2007 - Details of the new 2007 Plan for Pennsylvania's Future and an ** ACTION ITEM **
17 Jun 2007 - ** ACTION ITEM **
24 Aug 2007 - The debate begins anew, our chances improve; another worthless tax shift scheme
06 Sep 2007 - ** ACTION ITEM ** Encourage House leadership to introduce the SPTEA
18 Sep 2007 - House Bill 1600 MUST be defeated NOW!
31 Oct 2007 - The SPTEA is Announced, ** Action Item **, Defeat HB 1600 NOW!
10 Nov 2007 - The SPTEA is formally introduced, PCN Call-in, Tools you can use
07 Jan 2008 - It's time to tell the politicians what we want! Plus, an important survey.
22 Jan 2008 - Keep up the pressure! Another Action Item.
02 Feb 2008 - UPDATE: The week in review and the zoo in Harrisburg
26 Feb 2008 - UPDATE: Petty politics = NOWHERE! 
20 Apr 2008 - UPDATE: Homeowners speak out and more political propaganda from Harrisburg 
02 May 2008 - Tax Rally! And information on your gambling property tax "relief".
20 May 2008 - Join the rally!
02 Jun 2008 - Rally Recap. Video, photos, press coverage.
08 Jun 2008 - The Rally and Your Help!
05 Aug 2008 - The Games Continue!
12 Sep 2008 - Action Item - The HB 1275 Discharge Resolution.
28 Oct 2008 - Next steps.
09 Jan 2009 - The new House leadership; Property taxes are a Constitutional issue.
13 Feb 2009 - A letter from the Speaker; more excuses
27 Mar 2009 - No property tax relief this year? And a deputy sheriff speaks out.
05 May 2009 - The 2009 SPTEA is announced; 2009 property tax "relief" from gambling
19 Aug 2009 - All's quiet; an important meeting
25 Aug 2009 - Urgent ** ACTION ITEM ** - The SPTEA is in jeopardy!
07 Nov 2009 - The SPTEA is introduced; Act 1 property tax increases
27 Nov 2009 - A new hope for the SPTEA; the PTCC makes and endorsement
03 Feb 2010 - Your help is needed!
12 Apr 2010 - Voter registration deadline is near!
13 May 2010 - A time for choosing; more bogus property tax "relief".
13 Sep 2010 - Suggestions for the upcoming election; the situation becomes critical
30 Oct 2010 - The PTCC Voter's Guide; good news for the 2011 SPTEA; the 2011 Act 1 Index
16 Feb 2011 - Good property tax elimination news in the new legislative session
06 Jun 2011 - The PCTA School Property Tax Elimination Plan; your help is needed now
07 Sep 2011 - A message from Rep. Jim Cox; An essay on how your home's equity is being stolen by property taxes
09 Apr 2012 - The Property Tax Independence Act is introduced!
13 Nov 2012 - A Property Tax Independence Act status update
29 Jan 2013 - The Property Tax Independence Act is on the move. It's time to get to work!
28 Mar 2013 - The Property Tax Independence Act is formally introduced in the PA House and Senate!
29 May 2013 - The latest Property Tax Independence Act support; trouble in the House Finance Committee; upcoming events.
08 July 2013 - The latest on the Property Tax Independence Act; two new initiatives where you can help to win the fight.
11 Oct 2013 - Deceit in the PA House of Representatives; we're still going strong; a GREAT day.
17 Dec 2013 - Major supporters join the effort in a big way; a remarkable SB 76 Senate hearing.
16 Apr 2014 - A vote is coming and your help is needed now!
03 Sep 2014 - An important Action Item; SB 76 is alive and well in the Senate; where the gubernatorial candidates stand.
17 Feb 2015 - The Property Tax Independence Act is on its way! Your help is needed to move the bill. Details are here.
21 April 2015 - A major webcast; the Wolf Plan fraud.
15 Sep 2015 - A great summer for the PTCC; where property tax independence stands right now; how you can help.
18 Aug 2016 - Betrayal, citizen warriors, movement growth and good news.
More to come...