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Personal Property Tax Independence Act Tax Calculator
Excel calculator to see your tax savings under the provisions ofThe Property Tax Independence Act. Now includes calculations for Philadelphia property tax reduction!

The Property Tax Independence Act Petitions
Sign an individual petition to demonstrate your approval of the The Property Tax Independence Act or distribute a multi-signature petition to really gather support! Print extra copies for your friends, family, and neighbors so they can help, too! Download the petitions as PDF files here.

Why school property taxes need to be eliminated!
Two excellent essays on the fallacy of property taxes for education funding.


The Property Tax Independence Act Petitions

You can help with the enactment of The Property Tax Independence Act by signing and gathering signatures on a petition for the bill's enactment.

There are two different petitions available - an individual petition that you might want to submit for yourself and a multi-signature petition where you can gather signatures from relatives, friends, and neighbors. Either way, you'll be helping to enact this vital legislation for the benefit of all Pennsylvania homeowners and schoolchildren!

Multi-signature Petition

The PCTA petition in support of The Property Tax Independence Act can be distributed throughout the state. The PCTA and PTCC are asking that you circulate this petition as widely as possible and send it to others to distribute.

Note that there is a line for the signer’s email address - this is very important. Please strongly encourage all signers to provide their email address so their legislator can contact them if necessary. If you can also separately compile the e-mail addresses from signers and send them to it would be appreciated - they'll be sent invitations to join the PTCC e-mail list.

Please also encourage petition signers to print legibly.

The multi-page petition is available as a PDF file here. You can print it as separate pages or flip the paper over and print both sides. This download also includes the Quick Facts sheet described in the next paragraph.

When circulating petitions you will likely receive questions about The Property Tax Independence Act. A single page Property Tax Independence Act Quick Facts sheet to help answer these questions is available here as a PDF document. The contents of this document are shown at the bottom of this page.

You can send completed petitions to both your State Representative and to:

Hon. Jim Cox
2909 Windmill Road
Suite 7
Sinking Spring, PA 19608

FAX: (610) 927-3584

Individual Petition

Sign an individual petition to demonstrate your support of The Property Tax Independence Act. Print extra copies for your friends, family, and neighbors so they can show their support, too! All individual petitions can be submitted in the same envelope or fax message to the address shown on the petition. Download the individual petition as a PDF file here.

Please do what you can to help in this effort for the enactment of The Property Tax Independence Act. It will be greatly appreciated.

Note: Be aware that these links connect to a PDF file. If you cannot view it, you may need to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader or Foxit Reader. The free Acrobat reader is available here. The much smaller and less intrusive free Foxit PDF Reader is available here. These links will open in a new window.

The Property Tax Independence Act Quick Facts
(Download as a PDF file here.)


HB 76 and SB 76, The Property Tax Independence Act, permanently eliminates and replaces school district property taxes.

The Property Tax Independence Act will completely replace all but a small portion of school taxes over a two year phase-in period. The remaining portion of the property tax, typically about 10% of the total tax bill for most school districts, will be used to service current long-term debt in your district and will be completely eliminated when all current debt is retired; no further debt or expenses funded by property taxes will be allowed. Some districts with little or no long-term debt will have their property taxes totally replaced by the end of the two year phase-in period.

The Property Tax Independence Act completely eliminates the taxing ability of local school boards. The only allowed tax will be an optional local EIT or personal income tax for major projects, and that will be subject to a no-exception taxpayer referendum.


The Property Tax Independence Act is funded through a moderate expansion of the sales tax base to include more goods and services that are not now taxed. Examples are landscaping, haircuts, sports and theater tickets, dry cleaning, candy and gum, magazines, food items not on the WIC list, and individual clothing items with a value of more than $50. The plan also increases the sales tax rate to 7%.

Proposed exemptions from sales tax include food stamp purchases, all utilities, home heating fuels, tuition, health, hospital, and dental services, prescription drugs, and home health care.

The Property Tax Independence Act moderately increases the state income tax from 3.07% to 4.34%.


At enactment of The Property Tax Independence Act, all districts will receive 100% funding sufficient to meet all financial obligations with a dollar-for-dollar replacement of the eliminated property tax. In the future, every district will receive identical percentage annual base funding increases that will be limited to the increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI), effectively tying annual school budget increases to the increase in available revenue and economic activity.


Proposed companion legislation to The Property Tax Independence Act will provide for a constitutional amendment which GUARANTEES that, once replaced, school property taxes would be gone forever and that a future legislature could never re-institute the taxing of our properties.

No tax should have the power to leave you homeless.

Further details about the School Property Tax Elimination Act are available here.