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“Save Our Homes” Rally
June 2, 2008, State Capitol Rotunda, Harrisburg

The “Save Our Homes” rally organized by Representative Sam Rohrer and the Pennsylvania Coalition of Taxpayer Associations was held June 2, 2008, in the Pennsylvania State Capitol Rotunda in Harrisburg.

More than 500 enthusiastic and very vocal taxpayers and lawmakers from across the state attended the rally to show their support for school property tax elimination through House Bill 1275, the School Property Tax Elimination Act. It was an absolutely awesome event.

A message from an activist from Lebanon County who attended the rally contained this comment: "What a very successful rally that I think will help impact the fence-sitting legislators. A couple of seasoned politicos at the rally stated that it was the largest assembly they had ever seen in the rotunda. Congratulations."

This was a tremendous opportunity for Pennsylvania homeowners to take their demands to the unwilling politicians in their own house and to meet and show their support for those lawmakers who understand this vital issue and are who are working to eliminate the onerous and unfair school property tax.

Speakers included:

- Senator Jeffrey Piccola (R-15)
- Senator Mike Folmer (R-48)
- Representatibe Sam Rohrer (R-128)
- Representative Tom Yewcic (D-72)
- Bob Cotten, homeowner and small businessman
- Donna Oberlander, Clarion County Commissioner
- William O’Connor, member, Neshaminy (Bucks County) school board
- Bill Honeywill, co-owner, Honeywill Realty, Pittsburgh
- David Baldinger, Administrator, Pennsylvania Taxpayers Cyber Coalition

The Pennsylvania Coalition of Taxpayer Associations offers their sincere thanks to all who attended and participated and to all who couldn’t attend but were with us in spirit.

Following the rally Representative Sam Rohrer had this message:

Dear Taxpaying Ally,

There were literally hundreds of citizen activists, many traveling the full length of the Commonwealth, standing in the State Capitol Rotunda Monday morning. Our message could be heard through the halls and even echoed up to the House Chamber – “Save Our Homes, Save Our Homes!”

You should have seen it. From Amish farmers and busloads of seniors to young families, we delivered a clear, respectful message to Governor Rendell and my legislative colleagues that we would settle for nothing less than the 100% elimination of school property taxes.

Because of friends like you, we’re forcing the issue back on to the front pages and airwaves of the public debate. Let’s keep up the fight!

As one speaker at the rally put it - “if we don’t stand for freedom from high property taxes – we don’t stand for anything.” I wholeheartedly agree!

For the Cause,

Sam Rohrer

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A video replay of the rally, photos, and media coverage are below. The video replay runs about 40 minutes and is absolutely worth the time you’ll spend to watch this coverage.

For the video replay, click here. You can expand the video window to full screen by pressing Alt+Enter.

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